tall slender taper candle lacquered Ester Erik Centrepiece Love and Gatherings hand-dipped glossy peach

Tall Slender Lacquered Taper Candles, Peach Juice, Set of 6

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Ester & Erik is a family-run Danish business which has been producing hand-dipped candles better than the others, for more than three decades. Their 32cm taper is the dinner candle of choice, for the best event designers, across the globe; and these glossy numbers are instant glamour. Made from 100% natural, non-drip and non-smoke purest paraffin wax, these babies burn steadily and quietly self-extinguish, when they’re finished (and that's 8 hours of burn time), without messing up your candlestick. How kind.

Peach Juice, 19-0

100% hand-dipped paraffin - H: 320mm X D: 26mm - Burn time: 8 hours

Lacquered finish - Suitable for all of our candlesticks